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Actions You Can Take to Build a Case Against a Negligent Driver

| Aug 20, 2020 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

At the last red light from the grocery store to your home, a car crashes into the back of your vehicle. Your only plans for the rest of the day were to pack away your groceries and relax. But now you must follow up with the accident and heal from what hopefully is just some minor injuries.

Responding to the accident thoughtfully and addressing your injuries right away may help you stay afloat financially and physically.

Don’t admit fault

When both parties can safely exit their vehicles after the collision, there should be a good amount of conversation that happens. You don’t have to get to know one another personally or start to play the blame game, but it’ll be essential to exchange contact and insurance information. And when the police arrive to the scene, you don’t have to be overly friendly either. Giving an honest statement is always a good idea. But in conversations with both the driver and the police officer you shouldn’t admit to fault. This is because the contributory negligence rule in North Carolina prevents people who partly cause motor vehicle accidents from receiving damages.

See a doctor

No matter how high your pain tolerance is or how confident you are that a little bit of time will heal your accident injuries, you’ll want to see a doctor. Car accident trauma isn’t always easily or immediately detectable. And if you plan to file for damages, your medical records can help you receive the correct amount of reimbursement for accident-related appointments and treatment.

Follow deadlines

Putting off complicated tasks almost seems like human nature sometimes. However, it’s important keep in mind that if you’d like to take legal action, you have three years from your accident date to file a lawsuit. And you can simplify the situation with the help of a personal injury attorney.