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Trailer Causes Fatal Motor Vehicle Accident

| Oct 22, 2020 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

While driving generally is dangerous, for motorcyclist, the danger is heightened. After all, motorcycles do not offer the same protections than vehicles do as motorcyclists are unencumbered by protective metal or seatbelts. This road freedom is often why motorcyclists ride in the first place, but it also means accidents result in serious, and sometimes deadly, injuries. This is a fact facing one motorcyclist’s family this week.

The Tuesday Concord fatal accident

According to the Concord Police Department, the fatal motor vehicle accident occurred on Oct. 20, just before 12:00 p.m. The accident happened at the intersection of Wilshire Avenue and Warren C. Coleman Boulevard when a motorcyclist traveling northbound on Warren C. Coleman Boulevard struck a trailer that had become detached from a southbound vehicle. The man struck the trailer head-on, killing him.

The intersection was closed while the CPD conducted its investigation, which is still ongoing. Witnesses and those with dashboard camera footage of the incident are encouraged to contact CPD.

After the accident

This car accident highlights two road issues, the increased danger faced by motorcyclists and the dangers faced by everyone on the road from reckless drivers. The recklessness here is that the vehicle pulling the trailer did not attach that trailer appropriately, and as a result, a person died.

For the motorcyclist’s family, they will never be the same. He is not coming home. And, while the trailer hauling driver may or may not be held criminally liable, the motorcyclist’s family can get some semblance of justice through a civil lawsuit. This will hold the driver accountable, and this is an option for all Mooresville, North Carolina, residents who are victims of another’s negligence.