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What are the Dangers and Warning Signs of Drowsy Driving?

| Jan 12, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

We all aim to get a good night’s sleep, but sometimes that simply does not happen. Other times we have to spend many hours in a row at the wheel or at night when we would usually be in bed. However, drowsiness can have a major impact on our ability to drive safely, and drowsy driving accidents occur all-too-often in Mooresville and across the nation.

The statistics on drowsy driving

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, in 2017 50,000 individuals suffered injuries and almost 800 individuals lost their lives in motor vehicle accidents caused by drowsy drivers. Drowsy driving accidents mainly took place between midnight and 6:00 a.m. or in the late afternoon — times when our natural circadian rhythm takes a dip. Drowsy driving accidents often took place on rural roads and highways and the drowsy driver generally would be traveling at a high rate of speed with no evidence of braking. This can make drowsy driving accidents especially catastrophic.

Warning signs of drowsy driving

There are various warning signs that can signal a motorist is too fatigued to safely drive. Drowsy driver may yawn or blink frequently. They may not remember the past few miles they have traveled. If on a highway, they may miss their exit, drift between lane or hit the rumble strip on the side of the road.

Drowsy driving can be an act of negligence

Ultimately, drowsy driving breaches a motorist’s duty of care to drive safely. If this breach causes a car accident that injures or kills another person, the drowsy driver may be held accountable. We would like to think that a simple cup of coffee, loud music or fresh air will prevent drowsiness, but this is generally not the case. Those involved in drowsy driving accidents may want to learn more about their legal rights and options from attorneys who are knowledgeable, compassionate and provide personal attention. Our firm’s webpage on car accidents may be of use to readers who would like further information on this topic.